With sustainable and responsible travel at the top of the agenda for many of their clients, Inntel are partnering with Trees4Travel to provide a solution which offers both carbon emission tracking and offsetting.

Inntel and Trees4Travel share the vision of a carbon neutral future for business travel and meetings. Trees4Travel offer comprehensive tracking alongside a tangible and simple offsetting solution by calculating how many trees need to be planted to offset the CO2 for any journey. Clients can choose just to track their emissions or to track and offset by purchasing trees to be planted.

As a result of the pandemic, the business travel and meetings carbon footprint for many businesses has reduced to zero. The results from a recent client survey show that many of Inntel’s clients are keeping the sustainability of business travel at the forefront of their minds whilst they take first steps towards recovery. Alongside adopting the Trees4Travel solution, there is also an appetite for fewer but longer trips and working with ‘green’ accredited hotels, venues and travel partners.


CEO, of Trees4Travel Nico Nicholas

“We are delighted to have Inntel join us as a trail blazer for the ‘sustainable business travel’ cause. Offering this service allows their clients to simply, tangibly and inexpensively offset their emissions, rewild the world and ultimately make better, more mindful decisions regarding their business travel strategy.”


Douglas O’Neill, CEO, Inntel

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Trees4Travel, this solution provides everything we set out to achieve and more. Sustainable travel is very close to my heart and this partnership is a significant step forward within our green strategy.”