5 Reasons to Use a Travel Management Company (TMC)

5 Reasons to Use a Travel Management Company (TMC)

When it comes to managing corporate travel, you’ll inevitably meet a few bumps in the road from time to time. Things don’t always go to plan; disruptions can arise that are out of your control. What’s more, from booking flights and hotels, to tracking expenses and ensuring compliance with company policies, the complexities involved can easily become overwhelming. That’s where a TMC comes in. Not 100% sure what a TMC is? Let’s explore the role of a travel management company and why partnering with one like us can solve your travel programme headaches to benefit your business.

What is a travel management company (TMC)?

In a nutshell, a travel management company is a specialist agency that organises and oversees corporate travel for a business or organisation. TMCs offer a range of services designed to streamline their clients’ travel processes and optimise their budgets. More than simply booking tickets and providing support in case of last-minute changes, your TMC will handle everything from negotiating special rates to tracking expenses and reporting analysis.

Why Use a TMC?

If your company’s travel processes are fragmented, the business impact can be far-reaching. This is not just in terms of spiralling costs and wasted valuable time but also when it comes to traveller well-being, decision-making, and policy compliance.


The right TMC will solve your travel worries, allowing your people to focus on what they’ve been hired to do. As a TMC, we see ourselves as an extension of your organisation, with customisable tech solutions and expert travel consultants at your service to meet your travel objectives.

Partnering with a TMC for your business travel needs has many benefits. Here are five reasons to use a TMC like us.

  1. Cut costs

That’s right. A TMC can save you money on your travel programme. TMCs have access to negotiated rates and discounts that are typically unavailable to individual travellers. We leverage our industry relationships and buying power to secure preferential rates on flights, hotels, venues, and more. By tapping into these cost-saving opportunities and consolidating your travel spend, major cost reductions can be made. Plus, through our sophisticated reporting tools, we help clients track and analyse their travel expenses to identify areas for cost efficiencies.

  1. Save time

Meeting the demands of corporate travel is a huge drain on time as well as resources. Leave it to the experts to save hours on travel management. TMC’s like us streamline the booking process, reduce errors and inefficiencies, as well as handle any problems and last-minute changes. With our proprietary booking platform, LOGiC, travellers can make bookings quickly and easily. LOGiC is tailored to fit your needs, covering everything from managing approvals and capturing data, to setting preferred suppliers and policy compliant choices. What’s more, our consolidated payment solution, Billback, offers huge time savings for your finance team. Our Billback system centralises your invoicing, automatically integrates into your financial system so your team doesn’t have to manually enter multiple invoices.

  1. Make Data-driven decisions

Data is everything when it comes to tracking your spend and gaining up to date insights into your business. A TMC will be able to offer reporting and analysis tools to give you clear vision of where you’re at and spot opportunities for improvement. Without this visibility, it’s difficult to get a handle on how your people are booking, how much they’re spending and where they’re going. We can provide it all, daily. We can customise reports to provide summaries by cost centre, division or individual to ensure the right policies are in place, they’re being upheld and budgets controlled.

  1. Enhance policy compliance

TMCs can ensure your travellers are sticking to the rules by delivering booking systems that only include options within your travel policy. We work with our clients to shape their travel policies in line with their business needs to deliver best practice and best value. Our LOGiC software can solve compliance issues by flagging policy breaches before they are made. For instance, enforcing spend limits at the point of booking.

  1. Improve traveller tracking and care

Navigating the complexities of corporate travel can be challenging at the best of times, and a lifeline when disruptions occur. TMCs like us provide dedicated support and assistance to your travellers with access to 24/7 customer service teams staffed by experienced travel professionals. Whether it’s rebooking a cancelled flight, arranging emergency accommodation or arranging ground transportation, you can rely on your TMC to get your itineraries back on track. The minute we’re made aware of a serious problem, we’ll use our traveller tracking software to quickly locate your people and plan safe returns. Our systems can also integrate with your HR function to track individual traveller patterns and frequencies to support the well-being of your people.

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