Media is a diverse industry ranging from print, TV, Radio and of course social media. 

With each of these segments, they have their own requirements whether this be group business, long stays or unique locations. Trends change and systems evolve, we get this, and we will work with you on ensuring we are in sync together.

We understand:

Variety – With the ranges of media publications and outlets, we understand that it is not ‘one size fits all’ and each department/publication will have their own requirements, budgets and desired outcome. By working with you and understanding your requirements, we will put forward best locations/venues and budget to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Locations – Scenery is key. Whether it’s photos or film, a picture says a thousand words. With beautiful locations comes challenges with logistics.  We work with you to find the most suitable accommodation, either brand hotels or independent venues.

Security – In a world that is lived online and in the press, security of travellers is key. Travellers can be assured our systems and reports are protected and our team are aware of the importance of confidentiality.

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