We provide a comprehensive range of services to give you all of the support you could possibly need with your meetings and events, accommodation and travel arrangements, and you can pick and choose as much or as little as you need from us to meet your exact requirements.

These services include full account management, a comprehensive billback service that simplifies your financial processing, travel policy design and implementation, preferred supplier programme management (giving you access to special rates that we have negotiated on your behalf) and disaster recovery services that provide fast assistance to your employees in the event of a crisis in a country in which they are working or travelling.

Managing & Developing a Travel Policy
Rate Negotiation & Consolidation
Disaster Recovery
General Assistance
Management Information

Account Management

An essential ingredient to the success of any contract is the provision of high-quality account management, so as an Inntel client you will have a dedicated Account Manager.

Our team take time to understand your business expectations and objectives, before translating your requirements into the perfect service for you, with your Account Manager scheduling all contract meetings and booker events, from road shows to hotel visits.

We will manage every key performance indicator, as well as providing training, communications and education as and when they are required, operating to an agreed agenda. Constant review and analysis of management information will ensure that savings and service levels exceed expectations, while client satisfaction questionnaires will be issued to obtain detailed feedback on how we are meeting your needs and performing as a supplier.


Inntel can manage all payment systems but by centralising all invoicing, we can also provide you with an accurate analysis of expenditure by cost centre or department. Our billback system simplifies your financial processing, with consolidated invoices backed up by electronic data to provide detailed analysis of expenditure.

All invoices are checked against the original booking to ensure that additional nights and upgrades, for example, have not been charged without authority. Inntel will ensure that all invoices fall within your policy for payment, and that non-permitted charges are deducted and returned to the hotel. We also verify all invoices to ensure that no duplication has occurred, saving you time and administrative effort – it’s not uncommon for us to discover and deal with 30 invoice errors a day!

The clear advantage of the billback facility over other forms of payment is that it provides control, in addition to removing the entire overhead created by individual hotel invoices being sent directly to clients for settlement.

We provide batch files which can be uploaded automatically into your financial systems, alleviating the need for the information to be keyed manually. You’ll simply have to ledger one invoice and raise one payment.

Not only does centralising invoicing allow us to analysis hotel and conference expenditure by cost centre or department, but we are also able to provide regular creditors’ listings for bookings where the invoices have yet to be raised, assisting your accounting and budgeting procedures.

All hotel invoices are stored electronically on your behalf, so we can retrieve the data in the shortest possible time in response to queries, or to provide a representative selection for auditing purposes.

Managing & Developing a Travel Policy

Inntel will work with you to tailor a travel policy that fits your exact requirements while always delivering best practice. Parameters can range from one with unrestricted access containing no booking constraints through to a mandatory policy controlled and exclusively managed by Inntel.

Policy management starts at the contract implementation phase, where your Account Manager works closely with you to analyse and improve existing policies to ensure total value reflective of your needs.

Rate Negotiation & Consolidation

Inntel is able to reduce costs by working with you to develop a preferred programme of hotel, venue and travel suppliers to help consolidate the suppliers you use. We effectively manage your spend by following best practice processes:

Monthly negotiation – Your Account Manager will analyse your management information each month to check the pattern of bookings and identify areas where volume concentrations have changed. This ensures that you always have the best deals available.

Ad-hoc negotiation – We work to negotiate bulk discounts in advance as soon as we are told of locations where volumes of business are likely to increase in the future.

Cost saving – Using the latest technology, we have live access link into the major hotel groups’ own booking systems, allowing us to pick up real time availability and check all prices, including any special deals they are promoting. We can also negotiate route deals on your most frequently travelled air and rail routes and we provide consolidated management information and invoicing, allowing you to accurately assess at all times what you are spending, what you are saving and how we are performing.

Consolidation – We are able to reduce costs by working with you to develop a preferred programme of hotel, venue and travel suppliers.

Disaster Recovery

We have emergency procedures in place for many of our clients, and these will be activated in the event of a crisis within the country that affects their business and travellers. All emergency procedures are tested and updated regularly to ensure the latest technology and processes are included for complete traveller and client confidence.

From our experience of live emergency situations we know that it is crucial to understand the exact requirements of our clients and will have fully-trained staff available to you. In the event of an emergency, you will have a dedicated manager as your point of contact and, if required, an emergency booking desk with fully-briefed senior personnel.

As soon as we are made aware of serious problems, we immediately identify all travellers whose itineraries are affected by the incident in the UK or overseas through our online tracking system, i-Care.

We then contact travellers and key stakeholders, as per the procedure agreed during implementation, to commence repatriation as required. Inntel’s traveller tracking tool i-Care is fully developed and built in-house, enabling Inntel and authorised client representatives to quickly identify and contact travellers in the event of an emergency.

Our clients can also access our i-Care system online through a series of security of data measures to access the whereabouts of their travellers when needed.

General Assistance

Bookers and travellers can contact us 24/7, 365 days a year with  any problems or queries they may have including:

  • Loss of tickets, cash or passport/visa
  • Travel delays
  • Issues with hotel bookings
  • Ability to change travel arrangements on route
  • Any other queries which may arise

Some of this information can be found on LOGiC, our online booking tool, but we are also at the end of the phone to answer any queries in person.

Management Information

Management information is essential for duty of care as well as helping monitor and track spend, and we make ours available to you online on demand, updated daily so you always have a complete up-to-date picture at no additional cost. This is in addition to regularly providing an extensive range of reports, and responding to ad-hoc reporting requests.

Inntel can customise the reporting process, providing summaries by cost centre, division or individual and deliver electronic reports direct to your internal systems or make them available online.

These reports will assist you in monitoring activity and ensuring your policies are upheld, enabling effective control of budgets. All information available is analysed at regular review meetings, with a view to working pro-actively to achieve further cost savings. We will also provide exception reports with details of any bookings where we have offered an alternative solution at a cheaper cost, which was rejected by a booker.