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It’s all about you.

At Inntel, everything we do is about making your working life easier.

So as well as perfectly solving your meetings, business travel and events, we also offer a comprehensive range of support services that make working with us as easy as it is rewarding. Pick and choose the elements that suit your business needs.


Be honest, dealing with hotel and conference charging is an administrative hassle, isn’t it? Our billback system simplifies your financial processing by centralising your invoicing. We’ll check all invoices against your bookings to ensure the correct number of nights have been charged and the invoice falls within your policy for payment. Non-permitted charges will be deducted and returned to the hotel or venue.

Billback also allows us to accurately analyse expenditure by cost centre or department. We can even provide regular creditors’ listings for bookings where the invoices have yet to be raised, assisting your accounting and budgeting procedures.

When the process is done, batch files are uploaded automatically into your financial system, so no one in your team will have to manually enter a thing. You’ll simply have to ledger one invoice and raise one payment.

Traveller tracking & care

Doing business in other countries (let alone in the UK) is not always without risk. We can put emergency procedures in place should a crisis abroad affect your business or your travellers.

As soon as we’re made aware of a serious problem, we’ll use our online tracking system, LOGiC Locate to immediately identify all travellers whose itineraries are affected. We can then contact travellers and stakeholders to plan safe returns and medical repatriation when necessary.

From our experience of live emergency situations, we know it’s crucial to understand exactly what our clients on the ground need. We’ll have fully trained staff available, a dedicated manager as your point of contact and, if required, an emergency booking desk with fully-briefed senior personnel.

All emergency procedures are tested and updated regularly to ensure the latest technology and processes are included for complete traveller and client confidence.

Client Relationship Management

Great relationships are built on great understanding. We’ll designate a dedicated Client Relationship Manager who’ll take the time to really understand you, your business and your objectives – so we can seamlessly shape our services to meet your needs without you even realising.

Your CRM will have a hand in every decision we make on your behalf. They’ll constantly review our approach to ensure your agenda is consistently served. And if your needs or expectations evolve, they’ll realign our services to respond to your new needs.

Developing & managing a Travel Policy

We’ll work with you to shape a travel policy that suits your business and delivers best practice and best value. At one end of the scale, your policy can be completely unrestricted with no booking constraints. At the other, it could be controlled and exclusively managed by us – always with your best interests in mind, of course.

Management Information

Data is essential to tracking your spend and building an up-to-date picture of your business. We can provide it all, refreshed daily, at no extra cost.

This is in addition to the extensive range of reporting we can deliver direct to your internal systems. We can customise reports to provide summaries by cost centre, division or individual to ensure your policies are being upheld and your budgets controlled.

All information is also analysed at regular review meetings, with a view to working proactively to achieve further cost savings. We even provide exception reports with details of any bookings where an alternative, cheaper solution has been offered but rejected by a booker. Not that we want to get anyone into trouble.

Rate Negotiation & Consolidation

To help you get the very best deals for your hotels, travel and meeting venues, we apply these best-practice processes:

  • Monthly negotiation – Your Client Relationship Manager will analyse your monthly usage patterns to identify areas where volume concentrations have changed. This ensures you always have the best deals available.
  • Ad-hoc negotiation – If you tell us where volumes of business are likely to increase in the future, we’ll work to negotiate bulk discounts.
  • Cost saving – We have live access to the booking systems of major hotel groups, so we can pick up real time availability and promotions.
  • Consolidation – We reduce costs by working with you to develop a programme of the hotel, venue and travel suppliers you prefer to use.

General Assistance

We’re always ready to solve your challenges. Bookers and travellers alike can contact us 24/7, 365 days a year with any problems or queries they may have concerning:

  • Loss of tickets, cash, passports or visas
  • Travel delays
  • Issues with hotel bookings
  • Changes to travel arrangements en route
  • Pretty much anything else

You’ll also be able to find some answers on LOGiC Travel helpdesk featuring FAQs and helpful videos, however we’re always at the end of the phone to provide peace of mind in person.

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