Inntel’s billback service: making hotel payments easier

The travel industry uses global payment systems for air and rail tickets as well as car hire. This makes payment automatic and seamless. But there’s no similar global payment system in the hotel industry. That’s why we offer clients a billback service. Because we’re all about making things seamless.

What is Inntel’s billback service?

We provide billback as part of our support services to clients. With billback, clients pay for hotel and conference charging via Inntel. This means individual travellers don’t have to settle the bill and then claim back expenses. To save everyone time and hassle, the bill is paid by Inntel. The same amount will be charged back to the traveller’s organisation as one consolidated payment.

It’s another way we can make life easier for our clients, allowing their people more time to focus on what they do best.

How does billback work?

Business travellers simply check out as normal at the end of their hotel stays, but the only payment they need to make is for any extras not covered by their corporate travel policy. The cost of the room, along with any allowances covered by the travel policy – such as meals – will be invoiced and sent from the hotel directly to Inntel. The same process can also be used when paying for conferences or venues.

Our dedicated Billback Finance Team then check all the details on the invoice to make sure the charges are correct. Any non-permitted charges are deducted and sent back to the hotel or venue. We consolidate the charges, then a regular collated invoice is sent to your accounts department to pay us back. It’s that simple!

Billback also allows us to accurately analyse expenditure by cost centre or department. We can provide it all, with data refreshed daily, so you’ve always got the full picture. 

What are the benefits of billback?

  • Centralised invoicing, improving cash flow management
  • Simplified travel expense management, ensuring convenience and control
  • Time savings, freeing up finance and admin teams
  • Employee wellbeing, saving people the time and stress of paying upfront for and claiming back expenses

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