Transport & Logistics

As a trusted transport and logistics sector specialist within the industry we know that a 24/7 service with flexibility is a must.

We can handle anything from disruption management, emergency contingency work, project accommodation and much more in some of the world’s most remote locations. Our experience in handling requirements such as these for our clients over the past 40 years has built partnerships we are very proud of.

We understand:

Flexibility with accommodation check in and check out times is vital as shift work and irregular working hours are standard within this industry. We provide you with peace of mind that we can source accommodation with flexibility when it comes to check in and out times, as well as catering. When you need early access to a room due to night workers coming off shift, we work with hotels to allow early check ins rather than charge for an extra night’s stay, whenever possible. Similarly, we’ll source late check outs at a supplement rate rather than an additional night’s stay.

Travel policy and cost management are paramount to ensuring industry regulations are met. You can trust us to factor in driver fatigue regulations and mile radius allowances for accommodation in relation to where the job starts, and deliver budget management for projects.

Good sleep doesn’t happen without the right fuel in our bodies. We understand that the food on offer should be consistent regardless of whether your shift pattern means you eat dinner at breakfast, breakfast at dinner or even at 3am. 24-hour food service is a must. We also work with clients to arrange for hotels to provide packed lunches or grab and go breakfasts if your work location is remote and there is limited access to food.

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