Business Continuity

Business Continuity

We’re experts at dealing with situations that are way out of the norm.

Wherever you are in the world, if your organisation faces an emergency or planned disruption, our Business Continuity Services team will swing into action. We’ll do everything we can to help you ensure business as usual. Our teams have decades of knowledge and experience helping our clients navigate major events. You can rely on us for emergency accommodation, transport and travel solutions, logistics and everything else you need to make your team as safe as possible, as soon as possible.



Key features

  • 24/7, 365 days service
  • We work with your team to implement your disaster recovery plan
  • Pre-paid accommodation, travel and meal vouchers
  • We manage relationships with hotels and transport suppliers to negotiate best pricing
  • Dashboard reporting provides clear visibility of cost

Alternative Accommodation & Travel Services

If you’re responsible for taking care of customers dealing with major disruption, let us take some of the pressure off.

Our work within the insurance, rail, student accommodation and energy sectors means we have extensive experience of managing short-notice accommodation and transport solutions for clients who need urgent support. No matter if it’s a water or gas leak, weather disruption or the evacuation of a whole accommodation block, we have it covered.

Services you can count on.

Our teams, processes and tools are aligned to quickly deliver hotel rooms and long-stay apartments, and we’re also well versed in rehousing families of all shapes and sizes.

Our disruption services are available 24/7, 365 days a year and we have the capability to ramp up in case of a surge in need or large-scale emergency.

We can:

  • Find pet-friendly accommodation
  • Cater for large families and those dealing with health issues
  • Support people who are neurodiverse and have specific accommodation needs
  • Arrange accommodation close to schools or bus routes

Key features

  • Access accommodation, taxis and ground transportation and meal vouchers
  • Pre-paid hotel stays to avoid customer compensation claims
  • We manage relationships with hotels and suppliers to negotiate best pricing
  • Provide flexibility to adjust compensation depending on circumstances or insurance premium entitlements
  • Dashboard reporting shows where your customers are accommodated and the costs incurred
  • Dedicated Client Relationship Manager and a team of service experts to provide advice and support.
Business Traveller

Passenger Disruption Services

Travel disrupted? We’ve got you covered.

Sometimes, even the best-laid travel plans can go to pot. If your passengers find their travel disrupted, we’ll quickly step in to arrange emergency accommodation, transport and subsistence to ensure they’re safe and comfortable until things get back on track.

Service levels are pre-agreed and pre-paid, so your costs are controlled and your travellers have one less thing to worry about in an already stressful situation. Any extra invoices can be collated, audited and combined into one simple payment.

All services and support will be managed by our team of experts and can be activated with a single call or click. Crisis averted.

Key features

  • Self service passenger tool for access to accommodation, ground transportation and meal vouchers
  • Hotels are pre-paid, so you have no surprise costs
  • We manage relationships with hotels and suppliers to negotiate best pricing
  • Pre-agreed service ensures a passenger experience based on ticket class, customer loyalty scheme and ticket price
  • Web-based solutions, so no need to install apps
  • Traveller tracking and ongoing communication by our expert team
  • Local Tax Reclaim