LOGiC Locate. Built by Inntel.

Track your travellers anywhere in the world.

In the event of a crisis, it’s vital you know where your travellers are so they can be contacted and brought home safely.

LOGiC Locate is our bespoke traveller location tool that’s built into LOGiC Travel and will provide you with detailed information on your travellers’ whereabouts. We can also integrate data feeds into third-party traveller repatriation tools where a client already has a service provider in place.

LOGiC Locate features:

  • Traveller locator – Track ‘live’ itineraries and identify your travellers’ scheduled journeys and destinations
  • Specific searches – Search for specific travellers and their scheduled bookings
  • Transferrable data – Export your reports into Excel so you can save, print and share information across your organisation as needed

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