Inntel Award Success

We’ve been celebrating this week as team Inntel has won not one, not two, but three amazing awards!

Huge congratulations to the brilliant Tiffany Casson, Client Relationship Manager here at Inntel, for being named DEI Champion (individual) at the 2024 Women in Travel and Tourism Forum (IWTTF) Awards. In an event held at Expedia’s London offices, Tiffany was thrilled to be honoured with this industry accolade.

What’s more, in the same week, Tiffany was also announced as a winner in the Institute of Travel Management (ITM ) Achievement Awards’ Game Changer Category! Another prestigious award for Tiffany – we are immensely proud of her.

As if that wasn’t enough, our very own Anna Snoep, Director of Operations and ESG, was awarded Sustainability Champion at the very same ceremony! A huge honour for Anna, and Inntel.

Congratulations to Anna, Tiffany, and all the winners. Plus a big thank you to both organisations for hosting these superb events and celebrating the best of our industry.

We catch up with both winners and here is what they had to say…

Anna Snoep | Sustainablilty Champion

What does winning this award mean to you?

Winning this award is very meaningful, to me it signals that it doesn’t have to be your job role or business purpose to make a positive impact on sustainability. Every individual in every business has the opportunity to make a difference and I feel winning this award highlights this.

What inspired you to focus on sustainability?

Initially it was conversations with our clients during the pandemic who had noticed reduced emissions from business travel and wanted to build on this for the future. The more I learned and immersed myself, the more I realised that if everyone just sits around looking around for someone else to take action, nothing will change. It is my aim to inspire other people to take action, however small.

What advice would you give to others looking to make a difference?

Just make a start! Pick one thing to start with and the progress from that point forward will nearly happen by itself. Speak to people who have made a start and ask them for help, we are all working towards the same thing so everyone is happy to share!

Tiffany Casson | Gamechanger Award (ITM) & DEI Champion (IWTTF)

How do you motivate yourself and keep your determination and drive up?

It’s a very natural thing for me to help educate on neurodiversity as I’m passionate to change the footprint of the future. Living with Neurodiversity at home I need to support the now and help shape the next step. Honestly, the drive is a natural thing, it’s part of me, I care about it so deeply so I will always step up. There is still so much to do and in true ‘Tiffany’ style, I won’t stop until we have a clear plan, an industry plan.

What does winning these awards mean to you?

Honestly, it just warms my heart. I feel totally honoured and humbled. Whilst both awards are ‘individual’ awards (DEI Champion for Women in Travel & Game Changer for the ITM), they would not be possible without the partnerships and collaboration of some incredible people involved who support the education and drive for change in neurodiversity. With Women in Travel, I work closely with Alessandra Alonso, Founder of Women in Travel and the IWTTF. Alessandra is just a force for everything good, I feel privileged to receive the award from this incredible team. The ITM is one of our Industry ‘greats’ who have supported the need for change with neurodiversity over the past year and beyond. I couldn’t do it without Stacey Dean, Kerry Douglas, Matt Holman and Helen Moon – a strong team with a shared goal to help drive change. It’s absolutely a collaboration of passionate people driving change for the good.

What advice would you give to others looking to make a difference?

If there is something that you are passionate about to drive change, then give it a try. I never say that I am a medical or scientific expert, in fact, I start most panels up explaining that I am totally the opposite! I just have lived experience and try to learn, to can help develop our industry for the future. We can work together to understand the impacts, the barriers and the greatness that a neurodivergent workforce can bring.