Owen | IT Assistant

We interviewed Owen, Inntel’s IT point of contact who joined in April 2022.

What apprenticeship are you undertaking?  

I have just completed the Level 4 Network Engineer V3.0 (RS) course.

What are your day-to-day duties? 

I look after the IT Helpdesk. I am the first line support for all our internal users – I deal with all the issues that I can and escalate problems I can’t solve to the relevant IT Team member. I also assist with our systems; I have picked up more responsibility for these during my time here. I also do the majority of our account management, which involves new starter setups, account changes and PC/laptop imaging.

What benefit has on-the-job training had for you? 

It has given me lots of valuable experience working with IT professionals that I would not have otherwise had while studying at uni. Also, it has given me an understanding of how IT people fit into businesses and work with other departments. The main benefit has been learning things on my apprenticeship, then going to work to see where these things are used and how they fit in practically. Oftentimes, it feels like the theory and reality look very different, but seeing both and learning how they piece together gives a much better understanding.

What are your goals after completing your apprenticeship?  

Next, I’ll be continuing my studies to complete a Level 6 IT Qualification – this will give me the option to specialise in an area in my final year. I also aim to complete a Comp TIA Network+ exam following my current apprenticeship as a ticket to take the exam is included as part of my Level 4. Moving on from those I hope to build a successful career in IT.

Outside of work, what hobbies do you have?  

I spend the majority of my spare time either at the gym, gaming, watching TV shows or meeting up with my mates.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering doing an apprenticeship?  

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and admit you don’t know something. While working on the job, it can feel that you are meant to have all the answers as you are doing the job, but you’re there to learn and the support is there if you are unsure. Working like this has helped me a lot as every time I don’t know the answer, I learn something new and become more confident in my role.

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