Sustainability Mission Statement

At Inntel, we are committed to a sustainable future and contributing to the environmental, social and economic wellbeing of our planet.

Our mission is to follow sustainability principles for all our operations and business practices and to offer innovative solutions to our clients to support them in their own sustainability objectives.

As a business we will:

  • Implement a solid and achievable Roadmap to achieve Carbon Net Zero
  • Support and develop our Inntel Green Team to be innovative within the business
  • Be energy efficient and use clean energy sources
  • Reduce waste and recycle where possible
  • Reduce our business travel and choose sustainable suppliers
  • Look after the social and economic wellbeing of our employees
  • Follow the principles of diversity and inclusivity throughout our business
  • Contribute value to our local community
  • Partner with worthwhile charities and support their causes by encouraging employees to undertake activities during working hours
  • Partner with sustainable suppliers and integrate sustainability in our procurement processes
  • Actively engage with our industry to promote sustainability in travel and meetings

For our clients we will:

  • Work to reduce business travel and meetings in line with their sustainability policies and support with more sustainable alternatives for essential travel and meetings.
  • Support our clients with alternative options to travel such as virtual solutions or lower carbon modes of transport
  • Offer a carbon emissions measuring solution as well as the opportunity to offset emissions.
  • Will offer innovative solutions to ‘Travel and Meet Better and Greener’, including but not limited to: Green Hotel and Meetings programmes, offsetting solutions, virtual and/or hybrid solutions, support for sustainable travel policies, consult on reducing travel and meetings but making them more valuable at the same time.
  • Ensure we only work with suppliers who treat their employees fairly and incorporate sustainability in their working practices.

It is our objective to achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2025 for Inntel and to actively support our clients’ sustainability objectives.