Passenger Disruption Services

For when things don’t quite go to plan.

Travel disrupted? We’ve got you covered.

Sometimes, even the best-laid travel plans can go to pot. If your passengers find their travel disrupted, we’ll quickly step in to arrange emergency accommodation, transport and subsistence to ensure they’re safe and comfortable until things get back on track.

Service levels are pre-agreed and pre-paid, so your costs are controlled and your travellers have one less thing to worry about in an already stressful situation. Any extra invoices can be collated, audited and combined into one simple payment.

All services and support will be managed by our team of experts and can be activated with a single call or click. Crisis averted.

Key features

  • Self service passenger tool for access to accommodation, ground transportation and meal vouchers
  • Hotels are pre-paid, so you have no surprise costs
  • We manage relationships with hotels and suppliers to negotiate best pricing
  • Pre-agreed service ensures a passenger experience based on ticket class, customer loyalty scheme and ticket price
  • Web-based solutions, so no need to install apps
  • Traveller tracking and ongoing communication by multilingual team
  • Local Tax Reclaim

Get in touch

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