Partnering with the UK's largest facilities management company

Building a unique booking system to create a more responsible travel culture for the UK’s largest facilities management company

The Challenge

Our challenge was to show that our collaborative, partnership approach could provide the change this client was looking for, even in a company of its size with 77,000 employees.

Our client, the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company, maintains some of the nation’s most recognised landmarks and work with a wide range of blue-chip and public sector organisations. A large proportion of the company’s 77,000 employees travel and stay regularly to attend meetings and fulfil contracts around the UK. The organisation’s £18m travel spend was previously being managed by another TMC. However, processes were fragmented and there was very little engagement, flexibility or proactivity. As a business, our client recognised they could do better, and were looking for a partner who would not only deliver cost efficiencies, but who could also help them to develop a more considerate travel culture.

How We Solved It

The company placed a heavy importance on shifting the question from ‘How do I book travel?’ to ‘Should I travel at all?’ We instinctively understood they were looking for a process that considered the need for travel at source, and took into account all the factors of a business trip – from cost, to risk, to environmental impact – before committing to it.

Creating a Unique, Fully-Rounded Solution

At Inntel, we excel at building solutions that are outside of the norm. Our proprietary technology, LOGiC, provides us with the ability and flexibility to go beyond standard service offerings, and so we saw this as an opportunity to solve a unique challenge with a programme that would lead the way within the industry.

Going Live With a Phased Delivery

In the four months since winning the contract, we have worked to understand the requirements of each of this company’s business areas, collaborated with key stakeholders to build a travel booking system built specifically for their needs and planned a three-phase delivery for LOGiC implementation and product enhancements.

Phase One

  • Integrated our preferred hotel programme to help them control hotel spend and reduce costs further.
  • Seamlessly migrate all of the client’s 57,000 users and profiles.
  • Pre-approved regular travellers so they could begin to use the new system.
  • Unique registration and approval notification process to ensure meetings, travel and accommodation is approved after certain criteria is met.
  • Set up multiple user groups and permission levels for travellers from different areas of the business who had external email addresses.
  • Trained thousands of bookers and travellers using a combination of online and face-to-face training.

Phase Two

  • New management information tool LOGiC Intelligence (incorporating Power BI) for enhanced profile management, accurate reporting and CO2 tracking.

Phase Three

  • Introduce sophisticated split ticketing to optimise cost savings on rail journeys.

Delivering sustainability goals

One of the factors influencing the organisation’s decision to approve travel is the impact on the environment.

Our LOGiC booking system integrates with a carbon reporting dashboard so all users can track the amount of CO2 generated by their journeys and use the information to make educated choices. During phase two, we’ll integrate their carbon-reduction targets, provide modal change suggestions and offer options for accredited hotels and other sustainable suppliers at the time of booking.

Success through a dedicated customer team

The services we provide to our clients aren’t just digital. Above all, we believe in the value of human understanding and great customer service.

As well as assigning a dedicated account manager and strategic lead to this company, we’ve also established a client advisory board that ensures we’re always in tune with the business and their needs, and can develop our approach and services accordingly.

Through this combination of expertise, care and insight, all backed by the latest technology and data, we have created an offering for this organisation that goes beyond traditional travel management.

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“We wanted a different kind of travel and events partner, Inntel ticked all our boxes. They didn’t come to us with a ready-made solution. Instead, they listened to our objectives and were not afraid to challenge our thinking. They weren’t fazed by the size of our organisation either. Their flexible, collaborative approach and proprietary technology meant we could all agree on decisions without jumping through the usual hoops. The result has been a suite of solutions created specifically to meet our needs. There’s more exciting work to come too, including the industry-changing Instant Book Meeting Technology. I’m looking forward to a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership. ’’

Strategic Category Manager

“Inntel's approach is very practical, very relevant. They don't overcomplicate, or over dramatise - they just get things sorted.” ‬

Senior Project Manager – The Law Society