Wellness Tips for Business Travellers

According to research by the Mental Health Foundation 36% of UK adults find it challenging to find the time for movement. We know that exercise is good for our mental as well as physical well-being. But, for frequent business travellers, carving out time for exercise can be extra challenging. So here are some ideas on how business travellers can work moments for movement into their busy schedules.

  1. Walking when possible

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective ways for business travellers to fit exercise into their day. Use spare time at airports to stretch your legs ahead of a flight, get off a stop early on the tubes and trams and take the stairs instead of lifts when you have the opportunity. Also, avoid cabs in favour of your legs when you can. Not only is this better for the environment, but you can beat the traffic and get to explore your destinations more by walking. Even better, see if you can make any of your meetings on foot. Research shows that walking meetings have a number of benefits including increasing creativity.

  1. Exercises for business travellers

When you are on a long flight or rail journey, doing a few movements will boost your circulation and make you feel more comfortable. Simple exercises like ankle rotations and hip circles are easy to do without disturbing other passengers. If you’re catching up with emails and working during the journey, adding in these moments for movement also boosts concentration and productivity.

  1. Utilising hotel facilities

Pack your workout kit and make use of the gym and swimming pools available at your accommodation. Even just a quick 20-minute training session or dip at the end of a long day is a powerful stress reliver and a healthy way to unwind.

  1. Connecting with tech

If the social batteries are running on empty and you’d rather enjoy the comfort of your own room, consider doing some gentle exercises there. For guided routines, there are plenty of great fitness apps to choose from, such as WithU and Gymondo, or a simple YouTube search will offer you tonnes of options, too.

  1. The power of goal setting

There’s nothing like committing to a fitness challenge to boost motivation! Whether it’s 20,000 steps per day or running a marathon. Perhaps it’s competing with someone in your Fitbit or Strava community? It all provides extra encouragement to make time for exercise.