Take your Carbon Measurement Journey up a Gear

Welcome to Inntel’s latest service to support sustainable events. We now offer a specialist consultancy package complete with detailed carbon reporting tools. We’ve partnered with TRACE to offer our clients best in class environmental reporting and carbon reduction expertise.

TRACE data capture and reporting are fully aligned with the GHG Protocol and GRI Standards for environmental reporting, enabling you to understand the full picture of your event operations in line with global standards and be compliant with SBTi and Race to Zero.

The software has been designed by event experts to measure and reduce the environmental impact of your events, including everything from the energy used to the transport logistics.

What’s included

  • ANALYSIS: You’ll receive immediate analysis of event activity, before, during and after your event
  • REPORTING: Pre and post event. We’ll estimate the environmental impact, apply recommendations and deliver a reduced carbon footprint, all overseen by Inntel’s ESG Executive.

Why use the service?

  • Prepare for future legislation
  • Create event KPIs that align with wider business sustainability goals and/or Net Zero pledge
  • Financial savings across the supply chain
  • Identify opportunities for event innovation


Depending on the size of your event, the cost of the package is £280 + VAT.

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Understanding your overall carbon footprint.