Five Ways Inntel Promotes Well-Being

World Wellness Week is an international event aimed at promoting overall well-being and healthy lifestyles. It encompasses various dimensions of wellness, including physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Throughout this week, businesses can raise awareness and encourage their employees to adopt healthier habits, whilst also building a sense of community through shared wellness activities. World Wellness Week serves as a reminder to prioritise well-being in our daily lives and to create supportive environments that foster health and happiness.

At Inntel, we prioritise the well-being, growth and development of our employees, and are dedicated to both professional and personal development. Throughout this week we are reflecting on how well Inntel supports the well-being of our employees, and how successful we are at integrating this into the culture.

1. MHFA Certificates

A key element of our wellbeing strategy is to provide our employees with training around mental health. MHFA England (mental health first aid) is a social enterprise with a vision to improve mental health, creating and sustaining healthier workplaces. By training staff in MHFA, Inntel ensures early signs of mental health challenges are recognised and crucial support can be provided, preventing issues to potentially escalate.

We offer these courses to our employees, with over 89% taking advantage of the opportunity. This not only gives employees an introduction to mental health, but allows individuals to understand what factors can affect people’s wellbeing, whether it be themselves or a colleague. With MHFA, it allows our employees to maintain a healthier work environment where everyone feels supported and valued.

2. Quiet Room

Inntel takes staff well-being seriously and has created a dedicated quiet room in the office to provide a private, serene space where employees can retreat to recharge and reflect. Designed to be quiet and calming, this room offers a peaceful environment for anyone needing a moment away from the daily bustle, allowing them to manage stress, practice mindfulness, or simply take a breather in a peaceful setting. The quiet room is accessible to all employees and supports mental health by giving staff a place to relax, contributing significantly to their overall well-being and productivity.

3. Mental Health First Aiders

Another element of our wellbeing strategy is to offer Mental Health First Aid Training to our employees. This qualification allows an individual to provide first-hand support, having conversations with correct mental health literacy around language and stigma, and allowing for early intervention.

”Being a Mental Health First Aider improves employee wellbeing, it creates a positive workplace culture and it is important to work in a supportive environment

Inntel | Team Member

”I am always available to offer a listening ear and signpost employees to external support.”

Inntel | Team Member

4. Wisdom App

A priority at Inntel is providing a supportive and healthy work environment for our team, and a key component to aid this commitment is the Health Assured Wisdom App. This innovative app provides a comprehensive suite of well-being resources designed to enhance mental health and overall wellness. Features like guided meditations, personalised mental health assessments, and access to a 24/7 confidential helpline empower our employees to take charge of their well-being proactively.

Additional practical tools such as mood trackers, exercise plans, and nutritional advice help manage stress, improve fitness, and support emotional balance. By integrating the Wisdom App into our well-being strategy, we provide our staff with convenient, on-the-go access to essential support, ensuring they have the tools they need to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

5. Nature/Outdoors

At Inntel, we believe in the transformative power of nature to enhance our employees’ well-being. We encourage employees to take the opportunity to go outdoors, whether it’s sitting by the serene pond or walking through the calming local fields. These activities are more than just a break from the office; they are essential for reducing stress and diffusing feelings of anger. Spending time outdoors helps our team feel more relaxed and contributes to improved fitness levels. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and build a sense of community. To make the most of our beautiful surroundings, we recommend certain routes, allowing employees to maximise their time outdoors and to improve their wellbeing.