Company travel management pain points and how to solve them

When corporate travel is integral to your organisation, you need a company travel management system that works. But, more than that, it needs to support your operations and business objectives. Whether the majority of your travel is for client meetings, industry events, or team collaboration, the right system will enhance productivity, budget control and employee wellbeing.

But it’s not all plain sailing. There are several common pain points that clients come to us with, which plague travel management processes, hindering productivity and impacting the bottom line. Let’s explore these challenges and effective solutions to overcome them.

Expense Management Issues

Controlling travel costs while maintaining visibility on spending is a constant challenge for companies. What’s more, managing expenses can be a hassle for both individual staff members and finance teams. Lost receipts, manual data entry and inconsistencies in your reimbursement processes can lead to errors, delays and stress.

Expenses can quickly spiral out of control. To address this issue, you need robust expense management solutions with real-time tracking and reporting capabilities. Inntel’s billback service can do this for you. Our billback system simplifies your financial processing by centralising your invoicing. We’ll check all invoices against your bookings to ensure they are correct and fall within your policy for payment. Through billback, we can accurately categorise and analyse spending by department and provide actionable insights into cost-saving opportunities.

Traveller wellbeing and safety concerns

With employee health and wellbeing becoming increasingly high on the agenda, it’s important to prioritise the safety and welfare of your travellers. Effective company travel management means you know exactly where your people are at all times. To enhance visibility and ensure duty of care, ensure your online booking platform has advanced tracking and monitoring features. For example, LOGiC offers real-time data on travel frequency, air miles clocked, distances travelled so that you can keep an eye on employee wellbeing. Plus, our Business Continuity Services team is here 24/7 to assist when dealing with emergency situations anywhere in the world. By proactively having visibility on your employees’ well-being, you can mitigate risks, boost productivity and demonstrate your commitment to your people.

Sustainability Matters

Sustainability is a key consideration in corporate travel management. But many companies struggle to align their travel practices with sustainability targets and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Supporting our clients in achieving their ESG targets is something we are passionate about. Firstly, we encourage clients to meet less but meet better. In other words, to question the need for travel in the first place. Would a virtual meeting be just as effective? When travel is required, our online booking tool, LOGiC, has built-in functionality so that bookers are advised of the CO2e impact of each journey and offered lower impact alternatives when available. We developed the Inntel Sustainable Travel Hub featuring hundreds of ESG policies for our most used hotels, venues, airlines, and rail operators. Plus we have carbon monitoring and offsetting tools available to reduce the environmental impact of corporate travel. By integrating sustainability into travel policies and practices we can all contribute to a more sustainable future.

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