The importance of keeping your company culture alive and your team members connected has never been highlighted more than in the recent months. Whilst 121 video conferencing and virtual town hall meetings with your team and business are essential, it can be challenging to keep your colleagues engaged and motivated without the power of human contact.

Virtual teambuilding activities provide an excellent opportunity to re-connect and engage your teams as well as enable new communication techniques as they work together as a virtual team. Options are endless with high energy, fast paced challenges, bespoke quizzes, escape rooms as well as activities focussed on wellbeing such as mediation and creativity.

Inntel work closely with our long-standing teambuilding partners who offer a vast array of captivating challenges, delivered seamlessly in a virtual format.

Please contact your Inntel Relationship Manager or Kilianne Clegg to find out how we can support you with your next teambuilding event