Game on

Many VR solutions are delivered as Smartphone apps, so users only need to put their phones into an inexpensive VR head mount (eg a Google Cardboard headset) and away they go – quite literally!

Virtual Reality technology is able to deliver safe, realistic and engaging environments that can be used for virtual tours, 360 degree views and exciting interactive experiences. And that opens up a real world of opportunity for meetings and events.

In the gaming world you can put on a VR helmet and find yourself in a prehistoric landscape running away from dinosaurs. In the meetings industry the same technology could be used to explore venues in far flung locations, engage learners in a hands-on training experience or present new information in the most memorable way.

Interactive demonstrations that generate excitement

Many companies are exploring VR as a way to enhance their service offering. For example, IKEA offers customers an online VR tour of in-store displays to provide them with a better idea of the size and shape of furniture than they can get from a photo in a catalogue. Now imagine how much more interesting a new product launch event would be if you could give every person in the room virtual access to their own copy of the prototype.

Immersive training they will never forget

The VR environment provides a very fertile training ground as it suits many different learning styles and the higher levels of engagement with the training lead to better retention and recall rates. For those who are organising training programmes, investing in VR solutions could potentially save your organisation time and money as the virtual training room can be accessed from different locations – so no-one has to travel or stay overnight.

VR training solutions can also enable you to provide instruction for virtual situations that you wouldn’t want to actually recreate – for example, emergency first aid or scenario-based fire fighting training.

Virtual venue tours for assessing suitability

Many venues are already using VR technology to give potential bookers the chance to evaluate their bedrooms, meeting rooms, facilities, decor, views from windows and more without taking a step inside. One great example is Lime Venue Portfolio (LVP), which offers VR tours of many of its venues including HMS Belfast and the M Shed in Bristol. Potential bookers just have to go to the 3D tour on the LVP website and select the VR option (wearing a VR headset) for an immersive experience of the venue. Offering a virtual tour benefits both parties as the bookers are unlikely to progress queries with venues that don’t meet their needs and the venues in turn will be dealing with a higher percentage of qualified leads.

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