Our Inntel Travel Safe Series is looking at how hotels are making sure they are COVID safe in the current environement. This weeks Q&A style talk is with Sarah Ellice, one of our Meetings & Events Team Leaders, who stayed at the Village Hotel in Maidstone.

How did you feel before you went?

I really wasn’t sure what to expect but had an image of large screens and staff sectioned off like it is in shops. I have been speaking to venues throughout the pandemic at work so know some of the policies they have been putting in place.

How did you feel when you arrived?

I felt comfortable, the reception was 1 member of staff at a check-in pod of 4 stations with Perspex screens between the member of staff and guests. It is possible to check in prior to arrival via the app, at the iPad points or by the member of staff. The venue are not giving the cards with the room number written on so I did doubt myself just before I got to my room in case I had heard the wrong room number.

Was the experience different/better than you expected?

I expected the hotel to be quiet which it was, as such, the set up works well at this hotel. I did ask how they think it will be when they have more guests and they were honest and explained they keep reviewing their processes at the moment but so far so good.

How did you feel whilst around the hotel – was it different, did you feel on edge or was it ok once you got used to it?

My experience did feel a bit different as the hotel didn’t have the same “buzz” as usual however, I felt safe and enjoyed my stay.