It is time for the second installment of our Travel Safe Series. This weeks Q&A style talk is with Helen Garton, one of our Client Relationship Managers, who stayed at the Bournemouth Holiday Inn.

How did you feel before you went?

A little bit apprehensive.  I wasn’t sure what the protocol was and if I needed to wear a mask on arrival.

How did you feel when you arrived ?

Relaxed, the signage was easy to the follow with signs to queue for reception. The receptionist was behind a glass screen and both used pens and keys were put in a box to be cleaned.

Was the experience different/ better than you expected ?

Better than I expected and reassuring. I found the one way system round the bar and restaurant easy to follow but missed the service of breakfast and dinner.

How did you feel whilst around the hotel – was it different, did you feel on edge or was it ok once you got used to it ?

The obvious signage was easy to follow and people were encouraged to use stairs, to support social distancing. I didn’t feel on edge and got used to things quickly.