Our third instalment of the Inntel Travel Safe Series looks at what it is like to travel by air in the ‘new normal’. This weeks Q&A style talk is with Amy Ashby, one of our Client Relationship Managers, who took a flight from Heathrow to Newquay.

How did you feel before you went?

I felt fine, I researched what to expect on the Heathrow website so there weren’t any surprises. I was aware of temperature checks, mask requirements and which shops and catering were open and available.

Did you have any preconceptions about what you would be faced with at the airport or on the flight?

I am always an early bird to the airport, I was flying at 7pm on a Sunday so expected it to be less busy but I did allow even more time for security. The flight itself was so organised, all the passengers were boarded by rows so there was not the usual chaos in the aisle. The same can be said about disembarking, so much calmer and no fear of having a suitcase dropped on your head by an overeager fellow passenger.

How did you feel when you arrived?

This was a short 45 minute flight, so the mask didn’t bother me for such a short trip, it would be something I would consider for longer flights. I felt relaxed and not anxious at all.

Was the experience different/better than you expected?

It was better as it was very quiet at the airport and better organised when boarding the flight. Overall, I felt safe and secure during both my experience at the airport and for the duration of my flight.

How did you feel whilst on the flight– was it really different, did you feel on edge or was it actually all ok once you got used to it?

If you were traveling alone, there was a space in between you and another passenger, this was sufficient for me to feel safe. I felt safer than normal due to masks and spacing, airplanes are such enclosed spaces but it felt much cleaner and hygienic.

What was missing and did you miss it?

For a short flight nothing was missing. I was still given a bag of snacks and bottle of water, hot drinks were not available but that was not a problem for me. I understand that this is just an extra precaution by the airline.