Booking your air travel can be a confusing process. There are so many fares, carriers and additional fees, it’s difficult to find the option that best suits your needs.

Here are some of our top tips when it comes to booking your next flight journey.


Always book in advance

Airlines will often offer reduced fares for ‘early-bird’ bookings.


When giving your name, make it clear which is to go in the first, middle and last name fields. This will avoid hefty administration fees for amendments down the line.


Are you flexible on the city you are flying from/ into? Choosing alternative airports may give you further discounts on flight costs.


Being flexible on outbound and return flight dates can also considerably reduce your flight fares.

The single life

Rather than automatically booking a return flight, try searching for two single legs for your outbound and return journeys, you may just find that two single tickets is a cheaper option. What’s more, this gives you the flexibility of arriving and departing from two separate airports if needed.

Mix it up

By mixing carriers for your different journeys, you could save money. However, be aware that the traveller will have to check-in at each leg, and if delayed, the flight company will not take responsibility for the second flight.

Consider the total costs

Many low cost airlines will charge additional fees for add-ons such as baggage, seat selection etc so although the fare itself may be the cheapest, your overall journey costs could be higher. Always consider the total journey cost rather than just the flight fares when analysing the cost-effectiveness of different flight options.

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