Maximise your travellers’ safety anywhere in the world.

The term ‘traveller tracking’ can sound invasive, but in reality, it’s a useful tool to have and one that is becoming increasingly important in today’s global market.

i-Care is Inntel’s bespoke traveller tracking tool. Built by our in-house experts, i-Care sits within our online booking platform, LOGiC, and provides our clients with detailed information on their travellers’ location.

Unfortunately, the number of potentially dangerous destinations is slowly rising, and it is vital companies have access to traveller information so that, should a crisis occur, travellers can be located, contacted and protected as quickly as possible.

i-Care Features:

  • Traveller locator: Follow your travellers’ scheduled journeys and destinations.
  • Specific searches: Use the tool to search for specific travellers and their scheduled bookings.
  • Transportable data: Export your reports into Excel so you can save, print and share information as needed.

To find out more about Inntel’s i-Care traveller tracking tool, contact Kilianne Clegg on or 0344 8475500