Inntel took action very early on in order to protect our people under the motto of ‘better safe than sorry’. Four weeks prior to the Government lockdown announcement, Inntel stopped all external visits to Inntel House, asked our Client Relationship Managers to request video meetings with our clients and applied social distancing rules to the work environment at Inntel House. The last few months following official lockdown have been turbulent for our team and we have supported them through this with:

  • Weekly Town Hall meetings for all employees with updates from Douglas O’Neill
  • Weekly team meetings with line managers
  • Regular ‘Inntel News’ updates
  • An Inntel Newsletter with activity suggestions for the weekend
  • Creation of a Wellbeing Hub containing advice and support in many different areas
  • Virtual teambuilding events
  • A call tree to ensure that all employees are contacted on a regular basis
  • Creation of an Inntel Facebook group to stay connected
  • Charity initiatives such as ‘walk/run/cycle to NYC as a team’ and a brownie sale
  • Team quiz nights and virtual pub afternoons
  • Ask for feedback and act on suggestions

Please contact your Inntel Relationship Manager or Kilianne Clegg if you would like to know more about how we have supported our team