Travel Risk Awards 2020

We have been announced as finalists in the 2020 Travel Risk Awards for our excellence, innovation and ambition in business travel risk.

We are proud to be corporate partners of the Business Continuity Institute, providing best practice business continuity and resilience through a community of professionals in over 100 countries.


Passenger Disruption Service

Inntel provides an invaluable solution to help you reduce and control the costs and challenges of finding emergency provision quickly for affected passengers. The services are provided within agreed service level agreements to ensure the very best passenger experience.

All services are pre-paid to ensure passengers who are already in an unfortunate situation have one less thing to worry about. Any other invoices such as taxi costs, are collated, audited and combined by Inntel to deliver one simple payment solution to the clients’ Accounts Payable Departments.

Our service provides many benefits, not least helping to improve the service you can provide to your passengers in difficult and vulnerable situations but also managing and reducing costs. The management information provided by Passenger Disruption Services enables visibility on costs by incident and drills down into hotel, taxi and subsistence costs.

The services are delivered via a self-service mobile enabled website, allowing passengers to enter their details. The information is validated with the transport operator’s database and the appropriate accommodation or onward transport solution is directly communicated to the passenger.

All our clients benefits from a dedicated Inntel Account Manager, bespoke technology and a team of service experts to provide advice and support.


Key Features Include:

  • Self Service Passenger tool
    Access to accommodation, taxi and ground transportation as well as meal vouchers.

  • Pre-Paid Passenger Hotel Stays
    Removing compensation claims.

  • Supplier Management
    Inntel manage hotel and taxi relationships to deliver enhanced pricing leveraging on your volumes and those of other Inntel clients.

  • Rule based offering
    Deliver the passenger experience you want, based on the ticket class, customer loyalty scheme and ticket price.

  • Utilise Existing Suppliers
    Where appropriate, we will integrate with any existing agreements you may have, allowing allocated hotel rooms to be utilised as well as on the day availability and management of taxi and coach companies.

  • Local Tax Reclaim
    Removing the passenger compensation reclaim process ensures UK VAT can be reclaimed by the operator, saving up to 20% on compensation costs.

  • Web based solutions
    No need for passengers to install apps. Minimal data connections needed, making the tool ideally suited to public wifi networks.

  • Traveller tracking & ongoing communication

  • Multi-lingual