Inntel have recently introduced the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Meetings & Events application. This forms part of’s GRATIS software system and significantly speeds up the venue response time to enquiries to as fast as 6 minutes.

Inntel, the UK’s largest independent meetings and travel management company, has been working with for over 4 years, incorporating its rich venue content into Inntel’s own content and software.

This week marks a further development in the strengthening of the relationship between Inntel and and Inntel are delighted with the enhancements the GRATIS functionality has already delivered.   Anna Snoep – Inntel Operations Manager for Meetings and Events commented ‘the introduction of the new process has already shown efficiencies and we have been impressed by the speed of response from venues. Having spoken to some of the venues they are also very happy as it makes life easier for them and creates clarity in the process.”

Anna went on to say “the process allows us to undertake our first level of availability and prices quickly, backed up with further negotiation on pricing with the most suitable venues”. has become, over the last few years, the leading UK provider of Meeting and Event venue finding software and last year its clients sent over 240,000 RFP’s  to venues and suppliers via its application GRATIS.

“Having worked with Inntel for many years we were delighted to be deploying the RFP application to them, and to see the venues come back with responses so rapidly is really a testament to how the industry has embraced our technology and the hard work our team has put into working with the venues to make the process quick and easy for venues and suppliers”

Heather Swatkins – Director of Client Services

Michael Begley – Managing Director has always maintained that the RFP process can really benefit the client, the agent and the venue although this is only part of the whole process, he commented

“Good quality data, the right price and a good relationship with the venue are the key factors when venue sourcing, the RFP is only part of the solution, building up a good partnership with your venues is key and discussing the event in detail with the venue once you have availability and prices is key to a good venue finding business.”