We are delighted to have a Q&A this week with our our Head of Meetings & Corporate Group, Katy Johnson. Katy was the Meetings & Events Manager of the Year at the Business Travel People Awards 2020

How did you feel when you heard the announcement ? Honoured and proud, not of myself but of the amazing team of people that this award also belongs to, as without them, I am not me.

What impact do you feel winning the award will have on you as a person? It is wonderful to be recognised in this way but really, it just serves as a reminder of what an incredible industry I work in and how lucky I am to still wake up in the morning and love my job, even after 20 years.

What advice would you give someone in your team so they can become a future winner of this award? I hope there isn’t another winner of this award as that would mean I am no longer in the job I love! Seriously though, just be honest, work hard, be flexible and committed to those you work with. As I said before, I can only win this award because I have an awesome team around me and they make me want to be the best I can be for them.