One major trend in the events industry is introducing mindfulness as a means of reflection before, during or after a conference, teambuilding activity or event.

This new trend, which until recent years was only practiced by those hippie types, aims at helping people compose themselves by shutting everything out and taking deep breaths in order to calm their bodies. This can lead to improved functionality as well as reduced mental and physical fatigue.

The roots of Mindfulness

The NHS website & Professor Mark Williams coin mindfulness as, “Knowing what is going on inside and outside ourselves moment by moment.”
This simple form of meditation, which was originally practiced by ancient Buddhists, consists of focusing your thoughts to coincide with your breathing. It allows you to see that your thoughts will come and go and that they can’t control your day to day life.

Incorporating mindfulness in a corporate scenario
Taking a moment during or before the event can help prepare delegates mentally and focus them for the rest of the day’s proceedings. Opportunities for mindfulness can improve performance and minimise stress, high blood pressure and depression.

How to cater for mindfulness

To help create an environment which is desirable for delegates to practice mindfulness techniques, venues need to dedicate space for mindfulness sessions to be practiced in.
Often, members within the team will be reluctant to embrace mindfulness training if they are not supported by everyone within the team, for this reason it can sometimes be useful to have the session lead from the top down with department leaders leading the class.
Some venues offer mindfulness sessions as part of their day delegate packages. This can be a good way to incorporate breathing exercises and stretches which delegates can apply throughout the day and also in their daily lives back home.

Why support mindfulness

In today’s fast paced corporate environment, supporting mindfulness in meetings and events can lead to delegates being stress-free and focused hopefully increasing the likelihood of them leaving the event feeling like the time spent taking part in the proceeding worthwhile and profitable. Mindfulness training and seminars are one way to set delegates up for success not only for the event but throughout their normal working day.

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