Inntel, the leading meetings and travel management company, has developed a technology-driven support system that could help rail operators to manage both the administration and cost of any claims for consequential loss.

Train operators have been asked to update and publish clearer guidelines explaining their liability for traveller compensation by Sunday 11 March 2018. As rail companies rewrite their terms and conditions to offer further support for their passengers during disruptions, this must lead to some challenges for them both financially and operationally.

Currently, inconvenienced rail passengers are advised to claim compensation through the ‘Delay Repay’ scheme, entitling them to refunds depending on length of delays, the type of ticket purchased and ultimately the rail operator responsible for the disruption. However, the scheme doesn’t account for additional costs incurred by rail delays, such as taxi fare, emergency accommodation or losses to business.

Inntel has designed and delivered a solution which enhances their long standing offering to UK rail companies for a high speed rail operator enabling them to support any travellers affected by cancelled or delayed trains in the UK or Europe. The ground-breaking technology solution provides the sourcing, negotiation and booking of large volume requirements for passenger’s accommodation, taxis, and even meal provisions when they cannot get home or to their final destination. Affected passengers are advised of the arrangements that have been made for them before they even arrive into the station minimising the worry of an already stressful situation.

“We’re very proud of the innovative solution we provide to our client. Duty of care is increasingly important as more and more people are travelling for global business. Of course, some disruptions to our rail services, such as the adverse weather we experienced last week are unavoidable, so it’s vital that we ensure the affect to our business travellers and our clients’ customer is absolutely minimal. We’re confident that the technology we have developed for our client can help other train companies take care of passengers experiencing disruption to their journeys, and are keen to work with other rail providers on this.”

Douglas O’Neill – CEO, Inntel

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