Abandoning the sector’s traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach, Inntel is leading
the way in categorising meetings and event management with specialised services.

strategic meetings management wheel

It has created three expert teams, distinguishing between Simple Meetings,
Strategic Meetings and Events for the first time.

“Our bespoke approach puts our clients’ business objectives centre stage,
improves attendee experience and maximises their return on investment,” said
Inntel CEO Douglas O’Neill. “Inntel are game-changers in the world of meetings
and events. We have turned traditional practice on its head so that we can help
clients manage their spend both strategically and on a tactical day-to-day basis.”

Inntel has been designing and managing strategic meetings management
programmes and delivering exceptional events for corporate clients for over 30
years. The company leads the market in technology, creativity and value.

With Inntel’s new bespoke services, corporate meeting arrangers speak to the
right people to meet their precise requirements. The teams of specialist
consultants offer customised expertise whatever the size, scale, creativity or
complexity of a client’s meeting:

Simple Meetings: the team select the right venue every time, from the classic to
the more unusual. As well as negotiating the best rates and favourable terms and
conditions, Inntel specialists have the personal knowledge to advise on all important
details such as whether there’s daylight in a room, if there’s enough
space for coffee breaks and whether the view is so good it will put an extra spring
in delegates’ steps, motivating them to achieve their best.

Strategic Meetings: this flagship service puts client’s business objectives front
of mind throughout, to maximise return on investment (ROI), ensure great
outcomes and deliver an exceptional delegate experience. The best venues,
best rates and seamless logistics are just the start. Clients also see the bigger
picture so that they can track company-wide meeting spend, hone in on costeffective
options, spot trends in attendee behaviour and keep their people

Events: Inntel experts create memorable events with novel themes at the
perfect venue for enhanced ROI and delegate experience. Every aspect is
covered: from finding niche speakers and producing an exciting stage set, to
tailoring an event app and database management.

Supporting Inntel’s innovative approach is its industry-leading technology.
The genius of this technology is two-fold. First, Inntel’s meetings management
portal enables clients to manage and evaluate their strategic meetings
management programme with modules such as budgeting, ROI, analytics and
compliance tools. Second, on an operational level, the portal provides venue
sourcing, diary management, attendee engagement and delegate
management technology.

Because the meetings management portal is owned and developed by Inntel,
it offers more flexibility than any other solution in the marketplace.