Welcome to the Inntel Intro Programme that says Thank You for recommending us.

Introduce a business to Inntel and we’ll send you a thank you voucher just for starters, with a further reward if they become an Inntel client.

How will they benefit?

Your reputation is precious, and you’re only going to recommend us if you can be sure we’ll do a great job.

We do. Inntel clients are booking travel and meetings that are more cost effective, safer and deliver a better attendee experience.

Become an Inntel Introducer


Are you an Inntel Client?

Working with Inntel you’ll understand how we can benefit a business. Who else could – like a sister company in your corporate group, for example?


Are you an Inntel Supplier?

You may know organisations unhappy with their current provider or with real potential to thrive from better advice.


Are you an Industry Consultant?

You’ll know how many companies could save from a cost-effective strategic approach. Steer them our way and they won’t regret it.

How does it work?

Fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.
We’ll say Thank You for the Introduction with the following rewards:

1. Initial Intro

Once the lead has been validated. We’ll send you a thank you voucher - even if the introduction goes no further.

2. Client referral

If your introduction leads to us working with that person, you will receive a further reward. You can select one of the following, depending on your company policy:

Reward for your company

Donation to a charity*

Reward especially for you

*of your choice or supported by your company

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