Event Management – better by design

It has long been accepted that the key to successful event management is to be SMART about your business objectives: that is, to ensure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. The Inntel Event Management Team would add one over-arching objective to the very start of the list, which is to make it MEMORABLE. And the best way to make an event memorable is to give it a creative design theme that no-one could ever forget.

Design is in the air

The fact is that creative design can be seen in most aspects of modern life. When your post hits the mat you can tell if a letter is from a wine club, a car dealer or a utility company at a glance. Your local restaurants, pubs and cafés will all have their own unique style twist. Walk into any supermarket and you will be taken on a journey through the retailer’s brand – from the signage to the way the aisles have been mapped out – and large entertainment venues (clubs, cinemas, theatres) are effectively immersive brand experiences.

In other words, canny businesses use design to help them stand out from the competition and communicate key messages: Premium! Family-friendly! Exclusive!

Event managers can use the same creative tricks to ensure their meeting or event is instantly recognisable, its messages are clearly communicated and its impact is long lasting.

Creative engagement

Business people are busy people who are exposed to all kinds of communications all day long. Give your event a striking creative theme and it acts as an attention-grabbing hook, strengthening your audience’s engagement and increasing the chances of them remembering this event over others.

The creative theme, by definition, needs to be evident across all aspects of the event, from the very first ‘save the date’ communication to the official invitations, name badges, places holders, catering choices, signage, landing page, take-home merchandising and follow-up communications.

Long-term impact

An event manager’s core task is to deliver an event that fulfils the client’s SMART business objectives, which may be anything from increasing sales to improving understanding. If you wrap the event up in a creative design theme that makes it even more memorable then you will automatically increase the ROI on the event because the effects will be ongoing – and that’s even SMARTER.