As an event planner, you spend months planning your event. You pick a suitable venue, look for that keynote speaker who will keep the crowd on the edge of their seat, and arranged some fantastic entertainment so people can let down their hair after the daytime programme has finished.

But have you started looking at engaging the attendees before, during and after the event? Here are some actions that should ensure some solid engagement to build the hype before the big day and months after the event has finished.

  1. Develop a solid marketing plan and stick to it
  2. Personalise your content
  3. Try to get people to adopt event apps
  4. Get immediate feedback with surveys

Developing a solid marketing plan

First thing to consider is what you want to achieve from the event. Do you want your attendees to go away with a new piece of information about an industry topic or do you want a better bond between different teams. Once you have decided on these goals, you can start to create content around them.

Personalise your content

Everyone involved in the event is working towards the same goals. Everyone from the speakers, sponsors and venue owners want to attract attendees. The best way to do this is to make the content personalised. You can tailor content to appeal to your audience by doing something as small as personalised emails or something as large as apps to personalise agendas and send materials from seminars.

Try to get people to adopt event apps

We have mentioned it above, but event apps are important to engagement. Millennial attendees   are tech savy and won’t be parted from their phones, so it is important to reach them on their favourite platforms.  You can use apps like Crowdcomms to allow attendees to build their own schedules, engage with other attendees or speakers via discussions and polls or to share things on social media.

Get immediate feedback with surveys

You want your attendees to provide feedback when they’re engaged and the event is fresh in their minds. The easiest ways to do this is either through push notifications on apps, emails with survey links or iPads with pre-loaded questions.