No matter the size of your company, internal events can be hugely beneficial to cementing your company culture within the workforce. It is likely that this will impact staff retention rates overall, heavily reducing the costs around employing new members of staff.

With more millennials joining the workforce and using company culture as a factor for accepting a job opportunity, it isn’t surprising that companies are putting different strategies in place to accommodate this need.

According to Gallup data: 29% of millennials are engaged at work. The national engagement average is 34%, which means many more millennials than their elders feel uninspired, unmotivated and emotionally disconnected from their workplace.

Internal meetings are normally underutilised, but company-wide meetings and events are a great way to strengthen existing bonds between employees or create new bonds. Last year, Inntel had their 35th anniversary and we celebrated with a company-wide summer event which saw all employees throughout the company interact and engage on teambuilding tasks, our annual staff awards ceremony and a great evening party.  After the event employees were asked how they felt and almost all attendees felt highly motivated and engaged with their colleagues from other departments.

Internal events can be a great way to unify your company and motivate employees. For more information about how to execute a show stopping event which will have staff talking months after the day, contact one of our events team for more information.

For more information around setting up an internal event, contact a member of our meeting and events team.