Being an event planner certainly has its highs and many of our clients relish the challenges the role throws at them.  But there are also those that don’t.

Before you throw in the towel or worse still, burn out, we’d like to share with you our recommendations on making event management less stressful.

  • Do you find it difficult not to think about work 24/7?
  • By the time the event you’ve been working on comes around are you totally exhausted?
  • Are you lacking motivation and less efficient that you usually are?

These are all signs of high stress and burnout and, for the sake of your health, your wellbeing (and your career), you should tackle them head on rather than ignoring them.

Here are our tips to alleviate stress and be an all round better event planner:

Eat Well – resist the pastries and eat for energy.  Seize the day by following some of these recommendations – Click here

Sleep Well – This great advice from will help you clear your mind and get a good nights’ sleep – Click here

Stay Hydrated – Take a water bottle with you wherever you go.  Keep it filled and use reminders to encourage you to drink more.  If you think water is boring, add some fruit, mint or cucumber to it.  Stay away from fizzy drinks, alcohols and over processed foods that will make you dehydrated.  And, eat foods that have a high water content, such as salad, berries, melons and apples.

Event Management Tech -If you’re still using Excel spreadsheets for rooming lists and scheduling and Word for agendas, you can make life easier for yourself by using a meetings management tool.  Inntel’s Meetings Management Portal will help you manage invitations, rooming lists, budgets dietary requirements, travel logistics and delegate requests in one place – Click here

Time – There will always be unexpected last minute things that must be done, but by arriving early or allocating more time, those late requests will be less stressful.

Expectations – Manage clients and colleague’s expectations by making sure that your team each know their own roles and responsibilities and that your internal or external clients know the deadlines, budgets and constraints that you’re already working to.  This is a really useful event blog by Skift which gives you plenty of advice when it comes to setting and agreeing expectations – Click here

Wellbeing is a big issue in all walks of life and it’s particularly important in the events industry, when stress levels can become unnecessarily high.  We hope these tips and useful links will help with your own health, wellbeing and efficiency.