Outline of trip:

The trip was amazing, very busy but so interesting. I got to learn lots of history about the amazing city of Dublin and also got to see some fantastic places, I was able to see some of the outskirts of Dublin where I could get even more of a feel of the country. As we book Dublin a lot for our clients it was good to see where some of the hotels were located/ where some of the Dublin attractions were in relation to the hotels.

So what do you think of Dublin as a city destination?

In my opinion, Dublin is one of the best cities to visit. I think what makes Dublin such a great city is the people, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. It was my first time over in Ireland and I’d definitely go back.

What initially caught your eye as you entered the venue?

I stayed at the Radission Blu Royal Hotel whilst in Dublin. As you enter the hotel you see straight away these low-hanging ceiling lights, which gives the entrance a magical, almost festive feel. There are also two very grand lifts which look amazing and are easily accessible for wheelchair users.

What was the food and drink offering at the venue like?

All the food and beverages I tried were delicious and I was very lucky to have the opportunity to try a wide variety that I haven’t come across before…Guinnesses, plural, being one of them!

As part of the trip, we went to the Guinness Factory and indulged in a 7 course tasting meal with a different type of Guinness to complement each course. This was a fantastic activity and an absolute must if entertaining clients or colleagues in Dublin.

What was the accommodation like during your stay?

I stayed in 2 different hotels during my stay; Radisson Blu Royal Hotel & Druids Glen Hotel and Golf Resort. Both hotel are four star and above and these ratings were certainly reflected in the quality and comfort of each bedrooms. The style and the class of both made me feel very lucky to be staying in them.

(Want to find out more about what hotel star ratings really mean? Read our ‘Shooting Stars’ article here.)

What were your hosts like during your stay?

The hosts, Lydia and Mary, were lovely. They were so friendly and made sure everyone in the group was involved in the activity. Both ladies were so knowledgeable with regards to the hotels and also the history behind Dublin.

Would you recommend the venue to business travellers and why/not?

Each hotel we saw I would highly recommend to our client. All venues were very welcoming, clean and decorated in a  contemporary style that would be to anyone’s taste and had all the amenities you could wish to expect on a corporate stay, including WiFi, gym facilities and onsite restaurants.

What was the highlight of your trip?

This has to be the Guinness Factory! I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed the different types of Guinness, not being a particular fan beforehand, proving this experience can be enjoyed by all audiences regardless of tastes. What’s more, the top floor meeting room provides a stunning view across Dublin not to be missed.

Any final comments/opinions you think would be useful to a business traveller in Dublin?

At Dublin airport, you’re not able to drive and drop someone off outside terminal 1, you must walk from terminal 2. It is important to bear this in mind as it can add a lot of time when trying to check in.

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