David Cumbers, Customer Service Executive, reflects Inntel’s values perfectly. He works hard to deliver an efficient, supportive service that clients can rely on.

•How do you start your morning?
After making a coffee, I begin by checking my emails to see if there are any updates to jobs I am already working on and check what needs to be followed up or chased. Being organised and multi-tasking is key in this role to deliver the best service possible to meet our client’s requirements.

•What is your job role at Inntel?
I am the Customer Service Executive. I process complaints, issues and feedback raised by clients about Suppliers and very occasionally Inntel. I update the system as client’s requirements and policies change.

•What is a typical working day for you?
There is no such thing as a typical day in my role as this job is very reactive to what is required and received. Each day could involve mediating between clients and suppliers regarding complaints, issues and feedback, obtaining the optimum outcome for our clients. Updating documents and system settings as client’s policies change and importing data provided by clients into our system, whether this be required information to make bookings or profiles for staff who we will make bookings for.

•What do you enjoy most about working at Inntel?
In my current role as mentioned above, no day is the same, and working on various tasks from the beginning to the end gives me a sense of achievement. The people I work with also make my job enjoyable – I’m part of the Business Support team and although our roles are quite varied we all work together really well. I know it sounds clichéd but we are like a family who are always there for each other.

•Most memorable moment so far working at Inntel?
This would have to be being awarded the employee of the year in 2013. It was so humbling to be honoured by my colleagues who had nominated me and the Senior Leadership Team who made the final decision.