Apps worth checking out

Turn your Smartphone into the best of travel companions with some well-chosen apps. Here are five that have caught our eye in recent months:


Send huge files from your phone

WeTransfer has established itself as the default file-sending web-based service for large files, enabling you to send up to 2GB of files free of charge in a single transfer. The WeTransfer app makes it even easier to transfer big files across your devices.


For recommended restaurants and last-minute reservations

This app is for those who like life in the fast lane. Get recommendations based on your location and dining preferences, book tables and make last-minute reservations at premier restaurants from your phone. You’ll find more than 800 listed, including over 60 with Michelin stars.


Technology that tells you what to pack

If you ever find yourself staring blankly into your empty suitcase, Packpoint can help. Simply enter your travel destination, when you’re going, how long you’re staying and the kind of activities you were planning and the app will generate a recommended packing list for your trip.


For phone calls without the WiFi

Rebtel is an app-to-app calling service (like Skype or WhatsApp) that connects calls over the local phone lines rather than WiFi, so the connection is very stable and won’t drop off. While Rebtel is not free it offers a cheap and reliable option for making international calls.


Work out what time and day it is here, there and everywhere

Circa presents multiple time zones in an attractive and easy to follow circular graphic so you can see at a glance what time it is where you are now, back home and wherever the people you need to speak to are located. A very useful app for anyone who works as part of an international team or regularly travels the world.