How much do you enjoy working with the people managing your meetings?

There’s always a lot riding on your corporate meetings and events. You will have goals to achieve, but a set time and budget to deliver them. You need each event to be fresh (so that delegates remember the content and use it to benefit your business) even when you have run the same event year in, year out. And you need to be confident that the administration is in hand, so there will be no last minute problems or surprises. All of this makes it difficult to relax when you hand the organisation of your meetings and events to others.

If you have given the job to Inntel, you can stop worrying. Our experienced meetings and event consultants plan, organise and run events to exceed our client’s aspirations, business objectives and budgets. This includes devising a creative theme that will reinforce key messaging throughout the lifecycle of the event and using a range of metrics to gauge the success of the event once it is over. And we’re really good at it. Last year, 96% of Inntel’s clients said they had a great experience working with us.