Are you able to manage risk at meetings in line with your duty of care?

You have a duty of care to your employees whether they are sitting at their desks or travelling to meetings. Unfortunately accidents and incidents occur every day, therefore you may have to manage a crisis at some point. But are you prepared for it?

You can’t avert every crisis, but you can manage risk. And a major part of risk management involves having excellent communication channels in place, because when you are dealing with any crisis you need to be able to gather and distribute information as quickly as possible.

Inntel’s meetings and events consultants work closely with all suppliers (covering venues, accommodation and transport providers) to understand the crisis management plans and contingency arrangements they already have in place. We then identify any additional measures that will be needed for your particular event and manage the risk that comes with checking and signing contracts. In the event of a crisis, employers can use i-Care (Inntel’s own traveller tracking tool) to locate, contact and advise their employees immediately 24/7, every day of the year.