How much is failure to comply with your meetings and travel policy costing your business?

The term used when employees go their own way – ignoring travel policy, or booking their own off-list accommodation – is leakage. Leakage is a problem as it makes it harder to locate and support employees (should you need to), jeopardises the special deals that have been negotiated with hotels and travel partners and risks costing you more in the long term.

Inntel is helping many clients to consolidate their meetings and travel policies as a way of streamlining processes, optimising spend and driving compliance up to 100% in many cases.

Our consultants do everything required to deliver successful meetings and events while our travel experts find the best travel options, routes and prices. Add the two together and your business can benefit from a consolidated meetings and travel service that considers the bigger picture, from choosing venues that are convenient for the majority of travellers to deciding whether particular meetings justify the predicted travel costs.