How Inntel kept their team members connected during the current pandemic and kept the company culture alive.

At Inntel, our company culture is built on the power of face to face human contact. We realised that, now more than ever, it is essential to keep our team engaged and motivated without being able to do so in person. The one thing Inntel are very proud of is the high level of employee engagement and the family environment we have created over the last 35 years. The Inntel team have been working remotely since the middle of March and during this time, our employees have remained engaged through virtual town hall meetings, pub quizzes, newsletters, company updates amongst other things. Inntel are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to engage the team during this time.

The Solution

Inntel turned to one of our long-standing partners, The Team Challenge Company. These teambuilding experts offer a vast array of captivating options designed to maintain a strong team dynamic and during recent times, have pivoted to deliver these activities virtually. The Team Challenge Company offers activities such as:

•The Infinite Loop
•The Big Quiz
•Escape the Mob
•Peak Performance
•Race Around the World
•Globe Runner

As travelling and destinations runs through our veins at Inntel, this was an easy decision and we choose to take part in the Globe Runner activity.

The Event

It is essential that virtual events are meticulously planned and delivered as seamless connection and communication is needed to make the event a success, and the Team Challenge Company delivered just that, working together with an Inntel event manager.

The Globe Runner event took 1 hour and 15 minutes which was a perfectly timed break during the working day. The players were split into teams of 6 and were given challenges to complete in each country they ‘visited’. Challenges included: finding country related props, sing songs, doing a haka, building towers, creating flags and much more. All the challenges required the players to collaborate with their team mates to collect points.

The Result

Our objective was to reconnect and energise our team members and based on the feedback from the team, this was certainly achieved!

“Absolutely loved it, such fun – so fast but such good fun – it really worked so well with the teams!”

Marion Carter, Business Development

“I just want to say a huge thank you for this Team Building experience. It really made my day!”

Dorottya Mate, Business Travel

“Just wanted to say thank you for organising the team build yesterday! It was a lot of fun, great to work with different people, and what everyone needed to lighten the mood of the last few months”

David Luney, Client Relationship Manager