Understanding requirements

Inntel started working with this global logistics client in November 2014, setting up a preferred hotel programme and managing their business travel accommodation bookings, which average just under a thousand room nights a month.

In July 2015 the client’s in-house travel coordinator left the company, prompting an internal review of their booking processes. Before going to the expense of recruiting and training a new travel coordinator, Inntel suggested an alternative approach that would streamline the process while ensuring the client retained the significant savings that it was making by using Inntel and the preferred hotel programme.

Solving problems

Inntel came back with not one but three possible solutions, each guaranteed to deliver the same savings that the client was enjoying without involving new personnel on the client’s side. These were:

Option 1: Inntel to appoint a member of staff to manage a dedicated travel service for the client at Inntel’s  office.

Option 2: Inntel ‘planting’ a member of the Inntel team at the client’s HQ to manage an in-house travel desk.

Option 3: Adopting a new ‘decentralised’ model that allowed all travellers to make bookings directly with Inntel using our online tools.

The client decided to go with Option 1.

Adding value

Inntel immediately organised for a member of staff to take over the administration of all of the client’s bookings and provided the travellers with a dedicated ‘Hotline’ number to her desk.

The new travel consultant is 100% dedicated to the client’s account, so they really understand the ins and outs of the client’s travel policies and authorisation requirements. Thorough training also ensures they are familiar with the many hotels on the preferred programme. The travellers are therefore more confident that the booking arrangements we make are fast, efficient and totally compliant with the corporate guidelines.

The client’s travel desk is covered 365 days of the year, with an Out of Hours service available for bookings made when the office is closed. Other members of the Inntel team are also trained and able to cover the travel desk if required.

Satisfying customers

The travel desk consultant has become a much-valued extension of the client’s business. The client, meanwhile, has incurred no additional costs and in fact saved even more by streamlining its bookings process in this way.