Following a rigorous RFP process in 2019 by Galliford Try, Inntel were awarded the sole provider contract to provide all business travel and meetings booking management services to the organisation.

Inntel were tasked with objectives to improve many areas including a centralised booking platform, streamlined payment, savings, compliance, Duty of Care and visibility of spend through bespoke MI. The  Inntel Account Manager invested time, focus and effort to ensure that the three separate businesses within the Galliford Try Group were introduced to new ways of managing their business travel, for the benefit of the entire Group.

Understanding problems

Before appointing Inntel, all three Galliford Try companies worked with a large number of different travel management companies and there were many direct arrangements with hotels and other travel providers. The lack of a consolidated travel programme meant low visibility of spend and resulted in uncontrolled costs. The client needed Inntel to deliver a robust online booking channel, a structured/simplified payment solution, a policy which would meet its Duty of Care obligations and above all, full visibility of business travel spend and trends.

Solving problems

A three year business plan was scoped out and agreed between the client’s key stakeholders and the Inntel Account Manager. Year one objectives included the effective transition to a fully managed travel policy with a target of 95% of Galliford Try’s travel bookers using Inntel. Following an extensive communications plan and training workshops across the UK, this was achieved early in the first year of trading with Inntel.

The second objective was to achieve 66% online adoption for bookings made via Inntel’s online booking tool. This was also exceeded as by the end of year one, 86.3% of the client’s travel and accommodation bookings were made online. And, the Inntel Account Manager worked with all key client stakeholders to identify the MI and payment requirements. The result of this was a bespoke MI dashboard with access granted on a budget holder level and a centralised Bill Back payment solution. This ensured full visibility of travel spend and patterns with recommendations by the Account Manager for savings.


Galliford Try and Inntel also agreed savings targets of 10% for year one of the contract. Inntel exceeded these savings at the end of the year with an air ticket average cost reduction of 10.9% and rail ticket average cost reduction of 33%.

Inntel also negotiated a discounted preferred hotel programme for the client across 13 key locations with a minimum of 2 hotels selected in each area. The preferred programme was integrated into the Galliford Try travel policy and the entitlements and restrictions were set up in Inntel’s online and offline booking systems. Savings after the first year of the Inntel contract resulted in a 40% reduction in hotel spend.

The results achieved by Inntel after the first year of the contract have exceeded all the objectives set by Galliford Try.

“For Galliford Try having a responsive, value for money supply chain is of vital importance to our business. We work collaboratively with Inntel to help provide our people with the high-quality travel and accommodation service that is vital for our business functions.”
Kevin Moran – Group Director of Procurement, Galliford Try

Moving from a highly fragmented travel spend with no established programme in place for over 5600 travellers and their associated travel bookers required a high level of proactivity by Inntel’s Account Manager. His commitment to the success of the supply relationship involved extensive face to face meetings with key travel bookers, budget holders and other stakeholders. He listened to what bookers and travellers were telling him, he provided invaluable advice to them on smarter ways to travel and the outcome was a successful reduction in spend across all three companies.