Biffa has been an Inntel client since 2010 and has benefitted from savings year on year. Since the appointment of Inntel as sole travel and meetings management provider, the Biffa Group Procurement function and the Inntel Account Manager have worked hard to promote and gain faith in a managed travel programme across their 1600+ travellers. This strategy has been a success, with compliance to Inntel reaching 98%, online adoption at 90% and 84% compliance to a bespoke discounted preferred hotel programme.

Now that Biffa are in a ‘good place’ when it comes to compliance and control of spend, their new two focus areas have been to address travel security and minimise risk and to ensure smooth implementation of Inntel and their travel policy across new acquisitions.

Inntel’s solutions

Following consultation with Inntel’s IT, Business Continuity and Risk Management experts, Inntel created a bespoke security solution, using their proprietary iCare traveller tracking tool to work with the Inntel DR team 24 hours a day. Since implementation across Biffa plc, the process and software has been invoked a couple of time. The experience was a fast, efficient process for designated individuals at Biffa.

In terms of the second focus area – Biffa’s growth strategy is focused heavily on profitable acquisitions to further strengthen their position as market leaders in the waste management sector. In fact, Biffa’s travel spend has doubled in recent years due to acquisitions across the UK and exploration into overseas markets. Now that Biffa had a robust and successful travel programme, it was imperative to them that new companies were on-boarded seamlessly.

Satisfied customers

Biffa’s growth is fast moving and there is little time between award and takeover of new companies. To provide a swift implementation to Inntel’s travel services, the Inntel Account Manager engaged with Biffa at first release of the news and obtained travel requirements and volumes as early as possible. She then was proactive in ensuring the very best hotel discounted preferred rates were negotiated and that these were loaded in good time.

With the continued growth of Biffa comes an influx of new employees. These are uploaded into Inntel system ready for go live to ensure everyone is able to make bookings from the first day.

Biffa completed 16 acquisitions in 18 months and the typical on-boarding period is 6-8 weeks.  Inntel ensure that cost avoidance for business travel and external meetings starts from day one and support is provided for new employees as seamlessly as possible.

“My work with Inntel is truly collaborative. My business is fast moving, but no matter what the challenge I send their way they always rise to the occasion – engaging with their experts in the specific fields and presenting solutions and recommendations to me for best practice.”

Richard Childs Procurement Manager, Biffa

The next steps

Richard Childs, Group Procurement Manager at Biffa is very pleased with the support of the Inntel team in helping him implement the firm’s Duty of Care travel programme and the implementation of new companies.

His next focus is traveller well-being and, with his Inntel Account Manager, he has embarked on a traveller engagement project to ascertain the current situation. His findings will form the basis of new traveller wellbeing programme recommendations that he will present to the board at Biffa for roll out across all 1600+ business travellers.

As a result of his work, Inntel nominated Richard in the Best UK Travel Manager category at the April 2019 ITM (Institute of Travel Management) Buyer Achievement Awards. We were delighted to see him go on to win this recognition and look forward to continuing to work with Biffa on future challenges and solutions.