Investors in people

In 2004 Inntel worked towards, and was successful in achieving the Investors in People (IIP) accreditation. As an organisation who were already dedicated to training and developing its staff, it was felt that the IIP accreditation would complement the ISO 9001 accreditation already achieved, and would not only be of benefit to the company but also to its employees.

Investors in People is the national standard for effective investment in people. The standard sets a level of good practice for improving an organisation’s performance by providing a framework that helps organisations realise objectives through the effective management and development of their people. Other benefits include:

  • Employees of an organisation that holds the IIP accreditation benefit by receiving commitment from all senior managers to plan and develop their employees to achieve the business objectives.
  • Inntel’s business plan and objectives are communicated to staff via half yearly staff meetings, departmental staff meetings, internal emails and staff newsletters.
  • Employees also benefit from Inntel’s commitment to develop their staff by ensuring all new starters undergo a comprehensive induction process and by ensuring that a training plan is in place from day one and continues throughout employment with the company.
  • Inntel prides itself on ensuring that any individual training needs identified during assessments, on the job training, and appraisals are met, and are also committed to measuring investment in training and development by ensuring your feedback is considered, to ensure objectives and goals have been achieved.

‘We are committed to Investing in our People’

The Inntel Academy

The Inntel Academy is a fully functioning dedicated resource staffed by two full time members of staff delivering high level and tailored training and development to all members of staff.

“On-going training and development of our staff is fundamental for sustainable growth, which is why we launched our own ‘Inntel Academy’ last year” commented Douglas O’Neill CEO.

“Together with departmental managers, individuals training programmes are created for each member of staff.  As a result we have a great framework and pipeline of young talent coming through the business”.


Following the success of the Inntel Academy and to ensure it continues to improve and help staff fulfil their potential, Inntel are looking to expand their offering through the likes of further apprenticeships, and hope to partner up with local educational outlets.

These changes will allow Inntel to continue to offer a comprehensive, company-wide training and development plan for all new starters and existing employees, and ensure that Inntel are able to provide the required level of investment to enhance and develop our staff.