Who knows you better than you know yourself? It won’t be long before the answer is ‘a computer’. Travel companies are starting to use computers with real learning abilities to gather data from all kinds of sources (such as your emails and Facebook posts) and tailor their recommendations to your preferences. One day you won’t have to spend hours sifting through the options. With Artificial Inntelligence (AI), your perfect travel package could be put together without you having to say a word.

Douglas O’Neill, MD, Inntel


Almost exactly one year ago we published an article saying that corporate meetings were on the rise again – and that it was good news for meetings and travel management companies. (‘Outsourcing is in again’, Inntel, July 2015). But if you scan the (industry) news headlines over the last 12 months, you might wonder whether management companies will eventually be sidelined in favour of an online alternative.

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