Let me start by setting the scene: Your keynote speaker has confidently walked on to the stage. The delegates are all waiting eagerly in their seats full of optimism.

The keynote speaker is off to a good start, he paints a picture to hook the delegates and build a rapport as well as using a little humour to keep them interested. But as the presentation ends, you wonder what happened to the speaker creating a relevant speech that matches with your goals.

What you have heard instead is a cut and paste speech which could be applied to any industry, if this sounds familiar, let the Inntel events team help you. Here are four traits of a great corporate event keynote speaker.

They need to be relatable

Every keynote speaker has a good story, but does that story help towards achieving the objectives you set for the overall event. You want your keynote speaker to paint a picture that the delegate can not only relate too, but that also gets across what you are trying to achieve as the end goal.

They need to align their speech with your goals

Too many event speakers have a generic presentation which they can just tweak for each industry. The best speakers are those who prepare their presentation with your goal in mind. They will make sure that the takeaway for the delegates is one which will have them thinking differently in their everyday role.

They need to be open to direction and feedback

With the two above points in mind, it is important to remember that some speakers will just want to do their own thing. However, it’s imperative that you find a person who is willing to work with you in order to get the main objective of the event across correctly and efficiently.

They need to understand your target audience

The heartbeat of an event is the delegates who are attending. Your chosen keynote speaker needs to take in to account the following things so they leave invigorated. Will the speech inspire them and help them both personally and on a professional level and does the speech match the skill set and experience level of the delegates.

How Inntel can help you find that perfect keynote speaker

We can take the burden away from you when it comes to sourcing a keynote speaker. Our team have worked on a multitude of events, across many industries and ranging many different objectives. We will ask the right questions to make sure your keynote speaker aligns with the objectives of the event.

For more information on running a successful corporate event, contact Inntel’s experienced events team today. Just email us at events@inntel.co.uk