As the World Cup comes to a close in Russia, tens of thousands of football fanatics will fly back to their home nations having watched their national team battle it out for the coveted World Cup Trophy.

Here are three takeaways for event planners from an event as colossal as the World Cup.

Good Project Management

The St Petersburg stadium was designed as the showpiece for the World Cup, but contractors were working to finish the build three days before the first game was due to kick-off. An in-depth project management plan helps make sure all deadlines and milestones are met so the event runs like clockwork.

Ensure The Tech Is Up For The Task At Hand

The VAR (Video Assistant Referees) became a bit of an ‘Elephant in the Room’ during the World Cup after controversial decisions were made daily, causing a divide among those who supported the technology and those who didn’t. Using Interactive technology can maximise engagement at events, it can be a fantastic way to create a learning experience or a fun way to add a personal touch to the occasion. However, if it does go wrong it can be catastrophic and tarnish the delegate’s opinion of the whole thing.

Unique Venues

Some of the venues which hosted the games were in exotic areas of Russia like Volgograd & Kalingrad, which are way off the normal tourist radar. A unique venue can have people talking way after the event is over, plus see a healthy ROI as delegates take a lot more away from the event because it is different to the norm.

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